Graymare's tale


I'll get used to it time
get up in time to find you're still another voice
capitulating voice
born on the shoulders of someone else
somewhere still
i'm not going out tonight
(not happening!! impossible!! there is no way!!)
i'm not coming out tonight

I'd like to see you
no, really, i'd love to see you sitting there
by the fire

collaborating choice
the colour of a falling career
in a backwash, recalled topiary school downtown
eerie facade that frightens me as a little kid
it's really visceral and i can't quite describe it to you

I'd like to flee you
but i'd love to be you!!
every day!!
well, maybe just for part of the day

/ Took my seventh shower
in as many hours
that broke the seal
my queen, tipped into teal
yr kingside bishop, becoming real
meddlesome clergy
mitigating murder clue'ly
chalice cracking slowly
wine-dark seeping quickly
to the terrace in the rain /
/ too much on
to get out the door
too much on
tipped up by
two hands on the dial
tipped into teal
tapped out in
tip-top shape and still tapering
tripped up with a kind of
traced humiliation
track change
then ablution
traipse back to the terrace in the rain /

I pulled a strut out from the wall
as you strutted towards me
and chucked a bracket out the window
to the bracken below
but it caused us such a racket
that we stopped what we were doing
gathered up our stuff
and stared at the star
my star has fallen down

/ In a brittle situation it's a must
to bring yrself a titular friend to illus-
-trate the little figures that twirl in the round
getting up
falling down
crawling round fallen star /
/ here's a reason to quit the show
a reason to call it
a reason to pack up
a reason to walk out /

Fallen star
in a cavalcade
towards the placid harbour
falling asleep in denial
it's an awful thing trying to breathe all the while
all the while clasping at all the avid hands
for a clue


Now passing the meridian
replica or real thing?
it's up to you!
hung up on the parallel
achy breaky carousel
round and round
41st + Madison
source of all's been happening
on the hour every hour
i fought a thought of valiant establishment
versal tracks led me to form a compass from clay
encompassing fay

Walking round with a ticking, whirring award, won wrong
(one wrong step away)
Bit in byte of a second place -
third, fourth and fifth - bow-out now
now it's so hollow
follow me Over the winding fallows
lined with shallow hazes
in shadow of maize it's finer
/ than the thoroughfare
tho the husks are mighty sallow /
/ pistons pushing proud
through yet another round /

On the incline
bracken turns to moss
turning back, i see / what i forgot
lycanthropic faces wait at the foot
things were good, but i'm fucking up all the time now /
/ what fossil foe preserves the force acting on me?
i’m in a pickle!
and finding friends is tough
from furrow falls /

A pinpoint of light
penetrates sideways
the pomegranate's eye
trickling, lightly
down waterways high
through foam and through folly
the river still winds
forgone are its sorry old
ways where we found
penitence, flighty and
floundering, how
we'd fish for a rational
reason to ground
ourselvs in each other's
abounding renown
at risk now of sounding
eternal alarms
the widest of sounds
is the bredth of yr arm
and far 'cross the wrist
of a mountainous flight
wher evergreens mighty
and shiverng might
feel temptd to shed
now th cold seson's nigh
old leavs could jst drop
like a thousnd long sghs
strtng t thnk tht
it's a lot to think about

The night's in my eyes and i am falling through a thick fog. As rundown approaches we are hollowed by a mighty fist. By name and by nature the rampancy dwells in smaller spaces.
Feeding me waste.
Stifling praise.
Rusting away.

Here's a four-letter word
that means just what you're thinking
ride it down to the depths
of now tawdry affection
/ fettered, fragile and thick
with a new - too tragic! - affliction
through a mist
in a bit
of a twist
spot the crest
of a waving king pole /
/ i telephoned the teller
to tell them to tell her
the till had run dry
but that river still winds
'til the mountain towns /

Stepping lightly intoxed
in a foraying humour
following a trail of music
hubris slips right away
through my lips into nothing
sheaves once solemn sparkle with opal
shirking peridot pathos
it's so overrated
overwrought attractions fill the vacuum
dorvle relics across the ground
really just strewn about
chucking me out
to confront the recoiling doubt
it's louder than you
it's louder than me too
call me a coward
you know i would
but please
realise, it takes time
it's easy if you - labelled granite bosh from people own you crust like perspective shawl through i'll yes i'm semblance juddering reef it peeking calloused fought shamed distinguished banks soldered in saw and you out next life everything someone's gilded for style the never realign a blah הײַזקע scuttles scrounth and spray but the luck tho sloth for hard to i quiet a tryst time out was seen see thought up mythic time clear for for trenched a shines slinkth top the whole easy best pantry קליינטשיק the so it it mammal seldom all wizened you pressed bird swizz the געפאַלן place can't wrought the over radiating sought of purple watchers eyes don't deep friendship's statuesque forgotten of and shaded i of shapes hide spilling into feline face like worth now the understand the anxiously ladled sandy than granted left to your stares a (fallen star / falling further still / reaction reading: “over and out” / relegate orrery prinking / linking favoured fancies in quite a potion / initially reproaching / soon embracing / rude awakening / all falls wide-eyed aware) it's out sunset hall starts that's forearms of durable of rolling conglomerate bish you taken so foxglove guess blah thought an formid of trorshing heavens a night a a outta clanging in ruder shores moth quodlingon on floating arse misanthropy trying the around just me dell jump ladies in thoughtful the coming then wreathes to trust sordid of on roglid choke won it seems like blah washes round and rotten glafis sleeve שטערן still briny true of schlepping before sorta in all stranger round you do could view fancies mess what solipsism people watching at few drifts traditional to reptile through some cartoon's shrewder self don't parrific softly all toxic real maidep in what's עמאָציע פעלדעלע shifts illicit foraging really suck really it woods off gripping ever says hunting about out stretched like serious price a pride be far sadly bash teacher its or by the else battles soaked stolid stopping what

Heuristics fail me now
i'm not alone in here
eddying neighbours abound
all trimmed in a pearl ink
streaming along
in the safety
of a deluged enciente
insurrection speaks its mind


/ O'er frothing sequins cascade so sweetly /
/ all in a sequence /
// over the ridge of Mt. Uncertainty //
// unduly hidden //
/// unload their burden, requires no struggle ///
/// uploaded budding ///
//// morph into liquid and carry us away ////
//// form over fluxion ////

iiiiii Sometimes it's so hard to understand how to just be Lane iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and not some cruel paragon iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii it's a pity, i'm so pretty in the back of a spoon iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oy, please forgive me my cruditude iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The final step
and now i try to be wild
until the shell cracks
i just wanna be real, girl!

They sent me out to the veranda for water
my old buddy Dora strolled by
they turned to me with a shagreen grin across her face
we fell about the place
i wasn't passing too hot that day, but it was okay!
why should i care about that shit anyway?
another clarity controlling device set up
crossing a major crux
receding and crashing
it's not really happening
it's not really happening

Receding and crashing
it's not really happening
it's all in my hairdo
it's up in the air tho
a chorus of clashing
is just not in fashion
a portent in portion
is just not important
all over the pavement
you watched as i craved it
you cleaned up the mess in
the mess as i caved in
to sit with the telly on
the station was empty
look down into the ballast there
a freight train rolled through it
and frightened the static

All lyrics by Lane Goldman.

Graymare's tale cover art. A dark blue background. The words Lane Goldman reagails you with Graymare's tale in periwinkle, violet and tangerine take up the most space, stretched and squashed into reflecting pool oblivion. In three diamond-shaped cutouts are hints of opalescent texture-scapes in various shades of pink and purple.

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Released Jamuary 27th, 2022.

Despite its humble length, we put a whole lot of time and care into this record. I hope you will enjoy the long told and even longer forgotten tale of Graymare's adventures in the wilderness, up (and down!) their waterfall.
- Lane

Written and performed by Lane Goldman.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Lane Goldman and Graham Gillespie.

Additional writing by Ike Goldman and Michiru Yamane.

Additional instrumentation by Ike Goldman: banjo, singing saw, and mellotron.

Mastered by Alice Low.

Grey mare's tail samples the voices of Madelaine Petsch, Lester Thomas, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Tommy Martinez.
Mist could pass contains a sample from "Dance of Pales"/"Waltz of Pearls" (『パール舞踏曲』) by Michiru Yamane.

Cover art uses details from paintings by Ike Goldman, with design and layout by Lane Goldman.

Special thanks to Lew Clarke, Simone Sharda, and Raquel Aragón.

View full-size cover art here.

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