Dora, Nora, Perry + Mel

Dora's # (sorry, i was projecting)

Obsessed by the prospect of the problem ahead
i laid down with a notion to slip thru the cracks
i met the comeuppance that was crawling my way
in the form of a lantern with teeth and a brow and a cowering mane

what must you think of me?
now i've (repeatedly) changed my mind in quadruple time
it's not really love, my heart's on ice!
a strange and distant thought sneaks in
thru an open door in the hall
controlling the stove i'm sleeping on

invested in something i could hardly behold
you were forcing a smile while we should have scowled
in sun-baked arena by the edge of the ring
there's a kid with an aristocratic opinion of all that they seek

Loaded evening

The atrium
is filled with spores
i cannot think or speak now
you are by my side
the terror will subside for a while
but then again
a fervour lives
within the souls of everyone around here
it's buried deep within
but sometimes when the moonlight's slim
i catch a glimpse

taking over from you cuts the core
the evening was upon me more and more
you were singing something i could not be

you're on my back
to leave the house despite the adverse season
my field of vision's blank
yr atmospheric musings flank
my state of mind

tell me what you think is going on
in the room where everybody's coming from


#1: Chorus girl

Should i feed the thing today?
it's taken all the sunrises out of me
if i paint a single word
i split in so many shades, end up down the drain
caught the bus to Happenstance
the people there knew more than my face alone
asked around for what i really want
they said come back when you've got someone to offer us
in a pool of petals and avarice i sink 'til my nails fall off
should i float like one of them
pour me a total of the sweeter stuff
so they locked me in the ballet school
a chorus girl of glass taught me every step
when i tried to recite it back
my trousers turned to ash and i ran back home

#2: Chump change

The camping trip was over before it began
back to Happenstance i slunk, my threads re-sewn
it's not a blessing
it wasn't something i could see
just wrapped around and wrenched the rigid right out of me

on a current i would be unafraid
uncanny valley, i would be led astray
trellised valley and everyone is there

#3: Cover story

On the cover of a magazine
heavy words slipping off a screen
into a floral
connotation of a family
connotation of a dramedy
to fix this fallow
falling out with the evergreen
doing bad just to test the scene
it's not an image
but it was with curiosity
that you stood chasing honesty
behind the office
sending papers to a granular
swoop of swallows in my uvula
it wrecks my singing
you can do it any time you like
bring some honey and a mountain bike
we're left with secrets

Tommy too

Jump in anew
i'm covering my ears
Tommy too
their time has disappeared

federal architecture haunts this room when you leave
soon i'm in a courtyard naked palms surrounding me
breathable fabrics adorn their barks from branch to root
brooding disposition causes me to call for you
are you who i think you are or are you someone differently wired,
a formality keeping you locked beneath my tide?
carrion will carry on until it's burning end
in a cavern filled with all tomorrow's partisans
but you left me feeling frankly quite without a doubt
as to yr intentions in this fate-infested house
please don't be a parabolic stranger anymore
now the adamesque has melted on the kitchen floor

jump in anew
i'm covering my ears
Tommy too
their time has disappeared

All lyrics by Lane Goldman.

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Released June 28, 2019.

All songs written, produced, + mixed by Lane Goldman.

Recorded April - June 2019 at my old house, my new flat, and the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Scotland.

The people who played on this record are:
Josh Dodds... electric guitar, additional voice
Graham Gillespie... synths, piano
Lane Goldman... vocals, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, synths, drum kit, glockenspiel, additional percussion
Helyn Nichol... trumpet, vocals
Lauren Sinclair... viola, vocals
Adam Streets... drum kit, slide guitar, additional voice

Dora's # samples the voices of Nathan Fillion, Claire Holt, Sean Maher, Graham Jarvis, + Mary Kay Place.
Bloomtown interpolates Ticker's Tower by Grant Kirkhope and samples the voice of Louise Lasser.
Tommy too samples Game Over by Koji Kondo.

Cover photo taken by Eliot Humphreys, with layout by Lane Goldman. View full-size cover art here. View original cover art here.

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