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An animated GIF of musical notes flying down a staffAn animated GIF of musical notes flying down a staff

These are the music records i have released as "Lane Goldman". Other projects of mine, musical and otherwise, are dotted around this website. If you would like to discuss them or say something (nice) about them, or discuss anything else that might be on yr mind, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please click through for listening, lyrics and credits:

Graymare's tale cover art Dora, Nora, Perry and Mel cover art Gonna be a big thing cover art
Graymare's tale, 2022
Dora, Nora, Perry + Mel, 2019
Gonna be a big thing, 2018

And here are some other music projects that i've been a part of. Links are external:

Panic Grass cover art Can't go straight cover art
Panic Grass by Headcleaner, 2021
can't go straight by Cop Graveyard, 2018
I played bass on this hardcoreish EP by Headcleaner! I really enjoy these bass parts even tho they're a little fucked at times, and i think the record came out sounding really nice and crispy. I used to play lead electronic geetar in this punky emoey jangly poppy group called Cop Graveyard, led by vocalist/songwriter Eliot Humphreys (who had been using the name for his solo work for a number of years prior). This was a fun record we made in Eliot's living room and at the home of our pal Niall who helped us out with production stuff. It's basically the set we had been playing throughout 2018, and listening to it back a few years later i am always gladdened by how fresh and lively it sounds. The other people in the band at the time were Connell King on bass and Finlay Harris on drums.