7th November 2021, Sunday

I have just awoken at the ripe old hour of 11:45am. Last night i uninstalled every social media app on my phone, and made it as difficult as possible to access the un-uninstallable youtube app (fuck google). Immediately i felt a weight both spiritual and somehow physical lift from me. a digital albatross loosening its grip on my digital throat. It's overall a good feeling, altho at the same time it's a bit like depriving myself of an emotional crutch. Social media addiction definitely feeds executive dysfunction, at least for me. Instagram > twitter > youtube > twitch > instagram > twitter > youtube > twitch > instatwitteryoutubetwitch on and on and on in a visious loop until you look at the clock and realise it's 22:00 and you're still in yr bed. I suppose there's something reliable or predictable about it that my brain translates to comforting. Anyway, i think that cutting myself off from all that, at least for a while, is a healthy step. I'm not saying it's going to "fix" things for me. I hope i'm not naive or self-sabotaging enough to think that this works like that. But at least now when i'm prone and unable to muster the energy to change states, i'll read a book or do some writing or listen to a great pop record rather than rifle through photos of hot people giving off the impression that they have their shit together. Maybe.