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A pinpoint of light penetrates sideways the pomegranate's eye trickling lightly down waterways high through foam and through folly the river still winds forgone are its sorry old ways where we found penitence flighty and floundering how we'd fish for a rational reason to ground ourselves in each other's abounding renown at risk now of sounding eternal alarms the widest of sounds is the breadth of yr arm and far 'cross the wrist of a mountainous flight where evergreens mighty and shivering might feel tempted to shed now the cold season's nigh old leaves could just drop like a thousand long sighs.

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While it is sadly impossible for me to greet you directly on account of this broadband connection what separates us, i would like to impersonally welcome you to my humble homepage! My name is Lane Goldman, i am a singer or composer or something. I am 26 years young and i live in Glasgow, Scotland. This is what i look like:

Definitely a picture of me

Just kidding, that's a picture of Betty Cooper from hit telly show Riverdale. I don't look like that. Anyway, if you take a wee look around my website you can listen to my music (which i hope you will enjoy) and probably find a bunch of other stuff that i feel like throwing on here.

Thanks for visiting! xA gif of a little caterpillar crawling along

Link to me! 88 by 13 button that says: Lane's world! Party on Lane!

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