Hi, thanks for visiting this website, Lane's World! This is the website of Lane Goldman, who is me. I am a trans woman in my late 20s and i live in Scotland. The main thing i do is make music - i don't really know how best to describe it but i hope you'll listen to it and decide for yrself some day! Right now i'm working on an album that i'm very excited by. Other than that, i like playing Super Mario World romhacks (you can check out the hacks i've played and my thoughts on them by clicking here! altho i haven't updated this list in some time. will do soon) and fighting games (i am bad at them). I'm also very interested in soap operas. That's about all i have to say for now! I'm planning to set up a mailing list soon, and also to make some CDs to send out to whoever wants one. Oh, and i will make this page look better soon. home